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Biomagic Argan & Oil Complex Shampoo – For Dry and Damaged Hair
BioMagic Argan Oil Shampoo provides fresh feeling and cleaning, helps restore hair’s moisture balance and structure, softens and smoothens hair and gives natural shine to the hair. BioMagic Argan Oil Shampoo has a Fragrance with pleasent smell and protects hair from external effects and chemical process.

Biomagic Keratin & Herbal Complex Shampoo – For Weak and Fragile Hair
Biomagic Keratin Shampoo provides fresh feeling and cleaning, helps to fortify hair’s structure and protects from harmful effects of thermal hair styling. By the enriched formula with Keratin, a protectant film layer is occured on hair, repairs the damaged hair tips and follicules. BioMagic Keratin Shampoo helps to increase elasticty of hair to prevent the breakage caused from external factors and brushing and has a fragrance with pleasent smell.

Biomagic Macadamia Oil Shampoo – For Colored and Treated Hair
Biomagic Macadamia Oil Shampoo provides shiny and healthy effect on hair. It gently cleans hair without weighing hair and fading hair color. This special formula enriched with Macadamia Oil gives bright look, smooth effect. While protecting the hair from hair dying process, Biomagic Macadamia Oil Shampoo gives a brilliant effect on hair color.

BioMagic Herbal Complex Shampoo – For Hair with Dandruff and Hair Loss
BioMagic Herbal Complex Shampoo stops the hair loss and dandruff. The improved formula with Nettle extracts balances the natural structure of hair and hair scalp. It works against to the dandruff on hair and prevents excessive oily. While maintaining the hair structure, it also helps to reduce hair loss. Purifies your hair without damaging. SULFATE FREE